What Does It Mean When My Dog Yawns?

Dogs may also yawn when they're feeling stressed or anxious.


Dogs may also yawn when they're feeling excited or aroused. This can happen before playtime, going for a walk, or seeing their favorite person.


Pay attention to your dog's body language when they yawn. If they are also licking their lips, tucking their tail between their legs, or looking away, they may be feeling stressed.

Body language

Consider the context in which your dog is yawning. If they are yawning just before bedtime, they are likely tired. 


If they are yawning because they are excited, give them a chance to burn off some energy with some playtime or exercise.

What to Do if

If your dog is yawning excessively or if their yawns are accompanied by other signs of stress, such as panting, lip licking, or tail tucking

When to Worry

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