Spalletti Revive Italy's Azzurri After Mancini's Departure

 After the summer's European triumph, Italy's football landscape is shifting. The departure of Mancini highlighted issues within Italian football

Italian Football Transition

New coach Luciano Spalletti is embracing the challenge. Despite limited preparation time, he's enthusiastic about leading a talented team with a rich history

Spalletti's Perspective

 Spalletti's tenure began with Euro 2024 qualifiers, marred by injuries and a betting scandal. Despite setbacks, he remains resolute in his determination to succeed.

Early Tests

Recent allegations of illegal betting practices have sidelined key players. Spalletti, however, refuses to make excuses, emphasizing the depth and potential of his squad.

Betting Scandal Impact

Italy's recent victory against Malta, with an impressive four-goal display, renews confidence. Spalletti aims for a ferocious, creative, and fluid style of play, less reliant on individual brilliance.

Confidence Renewed

 Spalletti welcomes experienced players like Giacomo Bonaventura, emphasizing better technique and courage on the ball. Bonaventura's performance against Malta showcased the potential of Spalletti's philosophy.

Return of Experience

Spalletti emphasizes the need for seriousness and professionalism. He draws inspiration from cultures like the New Zealand rugby union team

Building Character

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