Is Tower of Fantasy 3.2 the Best Choice in 2023

Tower of Fantasy celebrated its first anniversary in the summer, standing as an ambitious open-world gacha MMO

Tower of Fantasy

With distended platform support and continuous updates, pillar of Fantasy seems attached to long-term success. But, is it worth playing in 2023

2023 Pros and Cons

Tower of Fantasy's UI has evolved significantly over time. See the optic comparison below. However, it's important to note that performance issues occasionally surface

User Interface Changes

ower of Fantasy inactive faces performance issues, such as stutters during cutscene transitions and gameplay. These issues

Performance Concerns

Navigating Tower of Fantasy's menus can be cumbrous due to their intumescent nature. Prepare to spend time hopping between menus

Navigating the Menus

Tower of Fantasy continues to develop and expand. However, its lingering performance issues and UI changes might affect your decision to play in 2023.

 Is It Worth Playing

We'd love to hear your opinions on Tower of Fantasy. Do you think it's the best choice for gamers in 2023? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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