Dog Breeds That Don't Like Water

Some dog breeds are naturally afraid of water, while others simply don't enjoy swimming. some dogs are : Dachshund, Boxer, French Bulldog, Pug, etc.

Dog Breeds That Don't Like

There are a few reasons why some dogs don't like water. Some breeds have physical characteristics that make it difficult for them to swim, such as short legs or a heavy build. 

Why Some Dogs Don't Like

If you have a dog that doesn't like water, there are a few things you can do to help them overcome their fear. Start by introducing them to water slowly and gradually. 

How to Help 

It is not recommended to force a dog to swim if they are afraid of water. This can make their fear worse and could even lead to a traumatic experience. 

Is It Okay to Force a Dog 

If your dog falls into water, don't panic. Stay calm and act quickly. If your dog is able to swim, try to guide them to the edge of the water. 

What to Do If 

Choose a safe swimming area that is free of hazards.


A life jacket is an essential piece of safety gear for any dog that will be around water. It can help keep your dog afloat if they get tired or start to panic. 

Dog Life Jackets

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