Crate Training an Older Dog

The benefits of crate training for older dogs. It provides security, aids in behavior modification, and eases anxiety.

Crate Training

Select the appropriate crate for your older dog. Ensure it's comfortable and suited for their size and needs.

Right Crate

Introduce the crate gradually. Make it a positive space and use treats and praise to create a welcoming association.

Introducing the Crate

The basics of crate training, including 'quiet time' and 'positive confinement' to make the transition smoother.

Crate Training Basics

Address resistance and anxiety in your older dog. Discover techniques to help them adapt to their new crate.

Overcoming Resistance

Create positive associations with the crate through games, toys, and treats. Make it a place your dog loves.

Building Positive Associations

Gradually extend crate time to build tolerance. Ensure your older dog is comfortable during longer periods of confinement.

Extended Crate Time

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