7 Reasons Why Dogs Shake Their Heads

One common reason for head shaking is itching. Dogs might be trying to free an itch in their ears or on their skin.


Ear infections can lead to irritation, prompting head shaking as a sign of hurting or irritation.

Ear Infections

If water, foreign objects, or debris get trapped in a dog's ears, head shaking is a lifelike response to try to free them.

Water or Debris

Certain breeds, similar those with floppy ears, are more prostrate to head shaking as they can trap moisture and air inside the ear.

Breed Characteristics

A buildup of cerumen can cause irritation, making dogs shake their heads to try and clear it.

Excess Wax

Allergies and irritants can steer to itching and head shaking as dogs try to facilitate their discomfort.

Allergies and Irritants

While occasional head trembling is normal, if it's persistent or accompanied by other symptoms, consult your vet for a exhaustive examination.

Consult a Vet

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