Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date and Pricing of Two Variants Leaked

By Ehtesham

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Nintendo, the gaming giant, is stirring up excitement in the gaming community once again. Recent leaks from a reliable source named SoldierDelta have shed light on the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2. According to these leaks, the company is planning to release two variants of this highly anticipated console.

One variant will maintain the traditional setup, while the other will be a digital-only version. Pricing information has also surfaced, indicating that the regular model will be priced at $449, while the digital version will be slightly more affordable at $399.

Gamers and enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting this release, with an expected launch date of September 24th next year. However, there is a possibility of a slight delay until November 3rd if any unexpected issues arise.

LED Screen

Contrary to initial speculations about an OLED screen, the Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to feature an LED screen. This marks a notable deviation from its predecessor. Additionally, exciting rumors are circulating regarding the incorporation of special augmented reality (AR) capabilities.

An internal development codename, “NG,” is being associated with these AR features, although this is not an official Nintendo designation. This suggests a potential shift towards immersive gaming experiences.

Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2 is poised to compete with its formidable rivals, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. Leaked details have revealed that the Switch 2 will boast a substantial 12 GB of RAM, a significant upgrade from the current model’s 4 GB.

This upgrade positions it competitively alongside the RAM capacity of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. Furthermore, there is speculation that the Switch 2 may incorporate Nvidia’s cutting-edge DLSS 3.1 technology.

If true, this integration will enhance both the visuals and gameplay of its games, promising an extraordinary gaming experience for users.

Tencent’s Exclusive Release

In recent news, Tencent, the exclusive distributor of Nintendo Switch in China, has made waves with the release of the Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition.

Priced at 2,599 Yuan ($356), this special edition presents a vibrant red design and noteworthy improvements over the original model. Enhanced features include a larger OLED screen and increased storage capacity, elevating the gaming experience for fans of the franchise.

In conclusion, the leak of Nintendo Switch 2’s release date and pricing for its two anticipated variants has sent ripples of excitement throughout the gaming community. As the speculated release date draws closer, enthusiasts eagerly await official confirmations and further updates from Nintendo.


Is the Nintendo Switch 2 release date confirmed?

The release date for Nintendo Switch 2 is not officially confirmed. The expected launch date is September 24th next year, but a slight delay until November 3rd is possible if any unforeseen issues arise.

How does the Nintendo Switch 2 compare to its rivals?

The Nintendo Switch 2 aims to compete with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X by featuring an impressive 12 GB of RAM and potential integration of Nvidia’s DLSS 3.1 technology, enhancing both visuals and gameplay.

What are the pricing details for Nintendo Switch 2 variants?

The regular model is rumored to be priced at $449, while the digital-only version may be slightly more affordable at $399.

What are the special features of the Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition?

The Nintendo Switch Mario Red Edition features a larger OLED screen, increased storage capacity, and a captivating red design, enhancing the gaming experience for fans.

Has Nintendo confirmed the augmented reality capabilities of the Nintendo Switch 2?

Nintendo has not officially confirmed the augmented reality capabilities of the Nintendo Switch 2. Rumors suggest these features under an internal development codename referred to as “NG.”